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I love how art no matter what form it falls within painting

I love how art no matter what form it falls within painting, music, acting, writing etc. How it SAVES you. How it embraces you with love. To hold you and dance when you’re feeling joy. How it can always pole you out of the depths of darkness we sometimes find ourselves within. How you can lose yourself within it. How it can feel as your soaring within the sky high above the clouds and into the cosmos as you left your body and are traveling through other dimensions. Visiting other worlds while your physical body is still sitting in a chair in front of your easel and reporting back on your findings.
Some believe we cannot fly. Travel throughout time. Find unknown worlds. However this is what art and creating can do. Making art we get our degree as archaeologists and discover things yet unknown. We just need to dig in and begin to excavate and find the artifacts to set ourselves free. #create

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