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I like when things go my way so I often find myself

I like when things go my way so I often find myself triggered to become very upset when things don’t. It’s very hard to get out of it. I feel hurt and everything happening around me just adds up to this feeling of being misunderstood, not valued and lonely. 
I felt it happening today. Pain in my chest, veil of fog in my head. So I went to the riverside just to sit there of my own. I sat there surrounded by these stone giants. I thought about balance and how those things are not permanent. My difficult feeling was only escalating and I could feel tears coming and hurt growing. I started listening to a book and the book suggested to ask Universe for help. I did. 
Magic started happening. I met the person who is building those. His name is Ulysses. He saw me and past by but then something made him turn around and come talk to me. We sat and talked and I said that I was very upset so I came to sit with those stones. He asked why I was upset. I said that it doesn’t matter now because I can’t believe I am sitting with a guy who is making those. He had same bracelet on his arm as I am. He was so warm and smiling and caring. He asked me if he could help me. I started taking photos and we both ended up covered by a huge wave. I was wet head to toe. So was he. We were laughing so hard. It reminded me of my best friend and each time we’d get into trouble we would just laugh ecstatically realising what have just happened was beyond our control. We can’t control certain things but we can just let them be and flow and enjoy life and people as is. He told me that he builds those as his spiritual practice. That each time people destroy them he gets very angry. Then he calms and builds new. His hands were bruised of the rocks. I touched every finger like taking a bit of his magic. He was so caring and we talked about balance. How these things are balanced. He told me they are like people.. he builds them so people can come and feel less lonely and have a spiritual experience

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