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I hope you’ve had a great weekend everyone ☺️ Mine was filled Recipe

I hope you’ve had a great weekend everyone ☺️ Mine was filled with Christmas decorations and baking ❤️ My kids were with me in the kitchen as you’ve might have seen in my stories and it’s always much fun if you can live with the mess I’ve waited with this next feature in the #smoothieswan64k until Sunday evening as I’m hoping to reach as many as possible as the owner of this page truly deserves all the attention she can get ☺️ ✨ Elena from @sunlight.delight recreated this gorgeous layered chia jar for my celebration and what do you think, isn’t it just the prettiest picture you’ve ever seen?! Elena is a busy mom of two who doesn’t always have time to post every day on IG so it’s a shame her pictures don’t get the attention they deserve due to the new twisted IG algorithm. Elena has been a huge inspiration for me for quite some time now – especially with the savory dishes I have never been a very good at cooking savory dishes so Elena’s creations always make me want to take private cooking lessons at her place My family likes what I cook for them but I miss those creative ideas and combinations Elena comes up with Now head onto Elena’s beautiful page and show her some love and attention she deserves ✨ @sunlight.delight ❤️

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