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HOUSTON STRONG. WE RISE. S.W.A.T Rescue! ❤️✨ I look exhausted because I Recipe

HOUSTON STRONG. WE RISE. S.W.A.T Rescue! ❤️✨ I look exhausted because I AM exhausted…and my spirit remains strong. Never have I been more proud to be a part of a community that has come together in time of devastation. I have a few things to share with you that I hope you’ll read and share…

First responders, families, friends, I stand with you. You’ve done such an amazing job. So many are exhausted but are still out working tirelessly to rescue and help others. You are TRUE heroes. Volunteering next to you this week has been an honor. We thank you!

There’s so much that still needs to be done. The real work in cleaning up this city has just started. If you’re not already watching my insta-stories, please do to find out what’s happening behind the scenes, where the shelters are, where to donate, how you can help, etc.

I know there is current relief because the rain has stopped, but the devastation hasn’t set in for many. People are just returning to their homes and finding NOTHING. Please keep supporting Houston and checking in on your friends. It will take TIME to rebuild. In 6 months from now, still be there emotionally to support those in need. It gets heavier over time when you’ve lost everything and really need love.

There is difficulty in dealing with the emotions that come with hurricanes like this. I pray we can all have compassion and empathy with one another through this healing journey.

I know now that miracles exist. Texas just experienced one of the worst hurricanes to ever hit land, and the sun came out today. Yes, miracles exist.

There is a GoFundMe campaign in the video link I posted for those who want to donate. gofundme.com/hurricaneharveydonationfund

Live Footage from the hurricane on my YouTube: FullyRawKristina

@houstonpolice @houston_fire

Volunteers are needed everywhere. Please help. ❤️✨

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