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Hi, I’m @cathywhims, the chef and owner of @nostranapdx in Portland, Oregon Recipe

Hi, I’m @cathywhims, the chef and owner of @nostranapdx in Portland, Oregon. My team and I are taking over the @foodrepublic feed for the next two days to give you a front seat on our adventure with special guest, @dariocecchinimacellaio, the famed Italian butcher from Panzano. He came all the way from his tiny village in Chianti to help us celebrate the 2017 #maialata. A maialata’ feast is an age-old #Italian celebration of the pig – “maiale” is Italian for pork – steeped in Italian peasant traditions in accordance with folklore and biodynamic practices. All day a community works together to prepare local pigs, and all night they feast on the bounty of their labor. Since 2012 we have been recreating our own version of the Italian pig celebration in Oregon wine country together with Rudy Marchesi of @montinore Estate in the Willamette Valley who is as dedicated to biodynamic wine production and Italian peasant food. #FRTakeover

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