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Hi Bursters, Katya here! Follow me into a remote corner of the Recipe

Hi Bursters, Katya here! Follow me into a remote corner of the Peruvian Andes – 14,000 ft above sea level – as I want to let you in on the traditional journey that makes our Maca so powerful! (and please forgive me as I was completely hit with altitude sickness while filming this – there was almost 50% less oxygen in the air and we kept forgetting our thoughts and feeling incredibly dizzy).⠀
So what is that secret traditional preparation?⠀
After our Maca is harvested by hand it is then sun-dried for 8-10 Days, where love and care is given to the fresh Maca roots daily by the bright Andean sun and the indigenous farmers – who check through the roots to make sure only the strongest maca roots remain.⠀
Fermentation In Solar Tents for up 1 Month – this is a traditional method of producing more nutrients in Maca and develop those unique caramel notes that you many of you love in our Maca! At the end of the month the Maca roots become stone solid and are milled into the fine mighty Maca powder – that you get in your @OrganicBurst pouch!⠀
Note: since so many of your have been asking – our Maca is not raw (and the local folks do not eat it raw!) – at the final stage of its preparation the Maca roots are heated to 50C to be milled.⠀
Get the pure and powerful Maca on our website⠀
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click the link in our bio @OrganicBurst

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