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Head over to @juxtapozmag now for an exclusive #sneakpeek of @sarahemersonart’s solo

Head over to @juxtapozmag now for an exclusive #sneakpeek of @sarahemersonart’s solo show #RuininReverse opening in gallery 2 this Saturday!
Sarah Emerson’s wacky and abstract, rhinestone-studded paintings are deceptively simple. For her latest series, she presents magical and complex ideas about the theory of physics and our changing and ever-expanding universe:
“Life is still beautiful in spite of the chaos; I am interested in how compassion, hope, and humor survives. In this work I am trying to imagine that a more beautiful world can exist, where innocence and hope can survive in even the most hostile environment and circumstances.” ✨
Sarah’s show opens THIS Saturday, August 19th in gallery 2, coinciding with a beautiful new body of work by @brandimilne in our main gallery and 2-woman show with @nicolettaceccoli and @sakuma.yuka in gallery 3.
Advance online previews can now be requested at
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