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Getting rid of eczema is a bumpy ride. I know how you

Getting rid of eczema is a bumpy ride. I know how you feel but with my help you can change that soon! It’s great that you are here! I did not have a book and a support group when I was looking for one. I did not have anyone who did it and who could guide me and assure I am doing it right. You’ve got all of that! I helped my daughter and I can help you do the same! Everyone who bought my book has free access to our special support group on Facebook, where I am answering all questions and concerns. We are learning from each other and exchanging the experience. I am planning on starting consultations online soon. I will post when this will become available. The group is growing fast but I really want to dedicate it to book readers, because I want this to become a great support for you. Anyone who read the book and understands the process is going to benefit from the group. I want this group to be focused on this method solely by practicing it and sharing along the journey to healing. More soon.. check out my new eBook (link in profile) and join the group here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/thefruitcure/ recipe
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