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FULLYRAW BEAUTY. ✨ I threw away all my masks, and I put Recipe

FULLYRAW BEAUTY. ✨ I threw away all my masks, and I put on my soul. From deep soil are wounds with seeds waiting to grow beautiful flowers. I opened my heart today, and it felt like discovering a secret garden. At first the sight scared me…and then I fell in love with all its beauty. There were weeds, and thorns, and dead branches everywhere, but there were also fields of flowers, with sunbeams, rainbows, hummingbirds, and even roses. It stormed and shined, and ironically, everything worked in perfect harmony. The landscape was beautiful and ugly at the same time. It was a dichotomy of love and pain, joy and disappointment, strength and weakness. The harder it rained, the brighter it shined afterwards. This garden lives inside of me, and it shapes me daily. After taking a walk in this mystical place, my fear of the unknown turned into absolute passion, bewilderment, and understanding for each component. I realized this very important truth: there can be no light without darkness. We need challenging growth opportunities as well as uplifting rays of hope to keep us balanced. How can we appreciate a true elation without having experienced a shattering hopelessness? Thing is…there is beauty in both. Pay attention to your heart—that beautiful secret garden within you—and water it daily with positive thoughts, feed it FullyRaw ‘garden of Eden’ fruits and veggies, gentleness, forgiveness, and compassion. Dig deep, discover your emotions, plant the seeds of healing, and watch yourself blossom. Nurture your soul. Whether you believe it or not, your secret garden is there to shape you into the best version of yourself possible. Love all the parts of yourself, even the thorns and the weeds… They have made you into the incredible person you are now! From pain, love is born. ✨ #FullyRaw #FullyReal #vulnerability #beautiful

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Stunning photo by the incredible @bellakotak with help of the amazing @sofiavanderdys for my 30th birthday. Love you both so much. ✨

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