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Full image of @maryjaneansell’s beautiful new painting “Shadow of the Seventh”. Her

Full image of @maryjaneansell’s beautiful new painting “Shadow of the Seventh”. Her magnificent new body of work, “Of Dreams, Birds and Bones”, is now on view in our main gallery. Head over to @juxtapozmag now for more photos from the show! Link in bio. ?
Regarding her new collection, Mary shares: “The genesis of ideas often takes place in the shadowy in between of sleep and wakefulness. Images emerge alongside a long forgotten refrain from a childhood rhyme, ‘one for sorrow, two for joy…’ waking more, the radio tunes to another news flash…reports of momentous and confusing times, thoughts grasped then lost as opposing forces pull back the tides…’three for a girl, four for a boy’ work begins and life has other plans, they feed in, inevitably, ‘five for silver, six for gold’ the paintings become respite and a place of healing ‘seven for a secret never to be told.’ The months etched in oils, they reveal their own language and transcend it.” She adds, “This show is dedicated to my mother, Kate Ansell, who died in 2016.”
Mary’s exhibition coincides with our shows of all new works by @hueman_ , Tatiana Suarez (@tatunga) in gallery 2 and @beaustanton in gallery 3. All shows are on view until July 8th.
To inquire about the work in our June shows, please email us at
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