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For those that don’t know me personally I’m going to fill you

For those that don’t know me personally I’m going to fill you in on a little something about myself. A few years back I had a great deal in life, but none of it felt right. I made the choice to start again (no it wasn’t an easy choice) and when I started again I fully mean I started over with nothing, no home, bed, food, money… only a couple of boxes of art supplies, a suit case of clothes and a few things of my past that to me at the time were important memories. .. and a mountain of fear, it was a bloody big mountain. Honestly, I was slowly destroying myself before all this; depression, anxiety, feeling like the bird in the cage flapping her wings and so confused with my life and who I was. Life didn’t feel like it was worth it anymore, but then I realized it wasn’t life rather it was my fears. Fear can paralyze or it can motivate by reminding you there are new paths to try, even when you have no idea what lays ahead, but first you and only you can open the cage door and let yourself out. I have to admit I could have done many things ‘better’, but regrets are the thing that holds you in your past and motivation is a cruel joke… things only happen when you take the first step even when you don’t want to. Do yourself a favor and don’t wait for your choices to feel like they are gone and options have disolved. Yes a few times I let fear rule and thought motivation would take control and things went to below rock bottom. You always, no matter how low you go, you can still rise, fly and carve a fresh path.
You are here looking at my fresh path, my little corner that reminds me daily I can still grow. I can be the creator of my own path. As can you. I live, work and create out of my little 400 sq ft cottage. Know that often when we acknowledge what truly matters and let go of the baggage, mentally and physically, that is when we ‘gain’ in life. We can use fears as fuel to fly. Use it to step up to our mountain and know that the path we carve to the top is part of releasing what no longer holds us back. “Do one thing every day that scares you.”~Eleanor Roosevelt

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