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For those of you who are newer to my work, I’d love

For those of you who are newer to my work, I’d love to share a few of my favorite pieces and their stories this week to show where I’ve come as an artist.
I captured “Blue Ridge Mountains” with my friends @whitneyjustesen and @peterjamus during my first road trip across 15 states to meet @elizabethgadd in Vancouver Canada (all have since become best friends forever!!). I was experiencing new turning points in life and learning to see the future as an endless open opportunity. This photo represents our ability to embrace those possibilities by embracing the ones we love and enjoying life together even through uncertainty.
After winning Project Imaginat10n by director Ron Howard and @canonusa, this image inspired a short film and I got to attend a red carpet event in NYC with celebrities; it went on to be shown in a gallery event in Hollywood, and these experiences validated my desire to pursue a photography career. I’m SO happy to be where I’m at- though careers ebb and flow, it is the natural way that pushes us to keep working harder and creating deeper within our souls, and I am endlessly embracing this beautiful journey called life.

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