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Even Satan can tell you that you don’t fight fire with fire

Even Satan can tell you that you don’t fight fire with fire. Praying isn’t going to solve this, because religion is the root source of all these attacks. You can’t take horrid actions justified by loyalty to one non existent being and ask another non existent being to solve them.
It’s time to take opinions out of the equation. I respect your right to your religious views, but more people have been murdered in the name of religion than anything else. We need to fight this hate with the only thing that can fix it. LOVE. The people that are carrying out these horrific attacks, regardless of inspiration all are filled with hatred. We must show them love. You don’t know who is troubled so show everyone around you love today. Hug a stranger, give a flower to a friend. Call a random number and tell them you love them and everything can be okay. Just spend a little time everyday and try to make everyone around you smile.
You see my friends, Divine Intervention is very real, but sometimes you must play God to get the results you want.
One Planet, One People, One Love

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