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Dont take it personal. It’s just breakfast. @alnevereatyou ・・・ “The #McFvckYourBreakfast Recipe

Dont take it personal. It’s just breakfast. @alnevereatyou
“The #McFvckYourBreakfast Sandwich, cuz a #vegan fried egg in your breakfast sandwich, by @organixla, is something you’ll love to hate or hate to love. I know some of you out there eat poop food on the daily. It’s okay, it’s your choice, but if you could choose to live or die, you’d prolly wanna live. Can you live with eating this everyday? It may not be for a long time, but you may live longer on this than breathing in exhaust fumes while waitin to grab some death in a drive thru. It’s unfortunate we lose sight of what’s important. What’s important to you will always be different to others. Is convenience in what you eat important? Sure, but at what cost? Regardless of what you label this or what you label yourself, it’s not the label that defines you. You define yourself by the actions you take, the social responsibility to be aware or woke about your environment and your current situation. What you do on the daily can define your future. Dont let labels or social constructs of what and how things should be, restrain you from being a human being. Live how you like, but at least consider this, you’ll wake up craving something like this, and if you do you can always #McFvckYourself. #ImSickAndTiredOfYouBeingSickAndTired #SitDownBishBeHumble #alnevereatyou #veganfoodshare #organixla #veganfriedegg #rant”

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