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Critical Hit by Naoto Hattori @naoto_hattori for our new group show, The

Critical Hit by Naoto Hattori @naoto_hattori for our new group show, The Language of Nature from August 26 to September 20, 2017 Acrylic on board, 4″ x 4″, 9″ x 9″ with frame, collect directly via http://www.flower-pepper.com/shop/painting/critical-hit-by-naoto-hattori/ (Link in Profile)
Naoto Hattori is famous for his captivating Pop-surreal style combined with an adept photorealistic touch✨His dreamlike creatures tell us stories of their own mythology through their physical anomalies and habitats The detail in his work allows us to dispel our disbelief and draws us in to delight in his mystifying universe “My vision is like a dream, whether it’s a sweet dream, a nightmare, or just a trippy dream. I try to see what’s really going on in my mind, and that’s a practice to increase my awareness in stream-of-consciousness creativity.” When viewing his piece for this exhibition, Critical Hit, we are swept away in the narrative of a Phoenix-like creature caught in a moment of surprise, with a forest reflected in its eyes⭐️Beautiful and haunting, his work takes us to a different plane where anything is possible if it can be imagined – by @emikowoods for Press Release of The Language of Nature
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