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Body confidence and positivity often get tied up and lost in superficial Recipe

Body confidence and positivity often get tied up and lost in superficial transformations and Instagram vs Reality posts these days (we all know the type ⬆️), and it’s turned into so much noise about drawing prominence (as opposed to normalising) so-called flaws without acknowledging the problematics and structures in place making us believe that they’re flaws in the first place.

Body positivity is not just a fitness trend, despite what lifestyle magazines would have us believe. It’s a political movement to fight marginalisation and oppression over socially enforced aesthetic privilege. Therefore, it matters that a majority of the women holding the microphone in mainstream media right now are slim, white, middle class. It matters that their bodies are able to go from A-B without any physical or psychological obstruction. It matters that some bodies are rewarded with likes, comments and cash for baring all, whilst others are hurled abuse and accused of encouraging obesity for simply wearing a bikini. It matters if one bodies’ prominence is at the expense of other bodies and, more than anything, it matters that we aren’t talking about this. If we’re not acknowledging the bodies that are absent from the conversation, the bodies that society actively tells us are not beautiful and are not worthy of respect and celebration and are not valued, then we are a party to body shaming and injustice too. This movement is not just about empowering a community of women. It’s about welcoming all women, however they exist, into the community. It’s not just about a personal journey to learning to love our bodies. It’s about promoting that no body is unworthy of love. No body should be ignored. No body needs to apologise. All bodies are good bodies.

I realise that my place here has always been within the health and fitness scene where a lot of the more two-dimensional approaches to body positivity were born and stay popular, and I know that I’ve built a following within this same community so some people may not agree or resonate with what I’m saying, but I’ve learnt from experience (continued in comments)…

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