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Avocado on toast is the best thing there is And if

Avocado on toast is the best thing there is And if the toast is of the expensive chia & pumpkin seed variety instead of the cheap wheat meal sandwich one, then this simple meal becomes a real treat It’s not as good as real, german bread but its quite close Living with a really small amount of money teached me how to appreciate and be happy about the little things in life. It’s a very changing experience to not be able to afford a certain kind of bread or muesli whenever I want it or to always compare prices and discounts and saying ‘no’ to takeaway or other delicious treats. I think it already changed my mindset, thinking and behavior already and from now on I won’t even take a piece of quality bread for granted. Being happy and finding peace in oneself without the privilege of a full bag of money is something a lot of first world citizens have to learn and I am just now realizing how money dictates our everyday life. I am looking forward to learning more about myself, about life and the world in general. ? Have a good day, guys
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