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Anybody want to come with me to Africa in 2019? I’m returning

Anybody want to come with me to Africa in 2019? I’m returning, this time to run my own “Art Safari!” with @touricatours ALL the details are here: http://www.touricatours.com/art-safari-with-jasmine-becket-griffith.html (or just Google Jasmine Becket Art Safari ) Everybody is welcome, whether you are an artist, want to be an artist, just happen to like art, or just want to go on vacation with me & Matt to Africa for a couple weeks! Email if you are in any way interested, they can hold a spot for you (that’s my friend who runs the tours, not my husband Matty, hehe)
March 2019 – we have plenty of time to plan and to save $$ =) There is a limit of 20 students/travelers, so even if you are only *slightly* interested, let know asap.
I went to Africa last year (South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Namibia) with some musician friends with the same tour group, on a music themed safari. Matt (from Tourica tours) has invited me to come back and this time hold an Art workshop themed safari.
Tourica Tours (I can speak from experience both as a customer, friend & client) do a simply amazing job of creating a laidback but luxurious, hassle-free way of traveling around Africa. I can’t wait to go back!
I’ll be doing lectures, live painting demonstrations, art workshops, etc. throughout the tour. My husband Matty of course will be coming too (he has never been to Africa and is super excited). We’ll stay in a variety of different lodgings – luxury Safari “glamping”, nice hotels/apartments in Cape Town, fun boat rides down the Zambezi, a few nights right by Victoria Falls (one of the most stunning places I have ever been), & more. The safari drives are amazing, you will see all the animals you would expect to see & then tons more, all out in the wild! (Some of you might remember my elephants story…… ;) )
It ain’t cheap, but it is truly a trip of a lifetime and worth every single penny & then some. The accommodations are super nice, food everywhere is great (I’m vegetarian and had all sorts of great veggie options everywhere). Let me see – it’s at $6999 which means if you can set aside $12/day…

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