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AÇAI CHIA LIQUORICE goodness in a jar This combo of @organicburst Recipe

AÇAI CHIA LIQUORICE goodness in a jar This combo of @organicburst AÇAI and chia pudding with smooth yogurt is my absolute favorite breakfast at the moment The @organicburst AÇAI powder is made of the purest AÇAI berries which grow in the deep Amazonian forests The berries are like small bursts of antioxidants which help the body to fight against the toxics in today’s industrialized world The @organicburst AÇAI powder is the only one on the market which succeeds in preserving the freshness and pureness of the magic berries ✨ Therefore I’m happy to tell you that AÇAI is available in the stock again You can be sure that your product is directly harvested and packed in bags and sent to the market Click the direct link in my bio in order to get your acai I added some fine organic liquorice powder into this simple chia pudding made of @organicburst chia seeds and oat milk and a hint of sweetener. It was such a delicious and exciting combo Oh and I topped the jar with raw chocolate bites I hope you’ve all been great ☺❤ We are currently buried in snow here in Denmark ❄️⛄️ so I’m very much looking forward to the spring ☺ ☘️

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