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A wild Consuelo in her 3rd happiest place (surrounded by ) appeared Recipe

A wild Consuelo in her 3rd happiest place (surrounded by ) appeared! sorry I’m not as cute as a fairy smoothie bowl but I was tagged by my pals @food_without_regrets @nadiashealthykitchen & @laurafruitfairy to do the 10 facts about myself so here we go!!! ✨
1. In case you were wondering, the kitchen is my happiest place, followed by metalcore music festivals
2. While we talk festivals and concerts, I can finally see I’ve seen ALL of my favourite bands live!! It’s very important to me because when I was a concert-deprived teenager I promised myself that someday I’d attend as many concerts as I wanted with my own money and here we are!!! so happy to do what I do for a living and so grateful too!
3. Hadn’t I discovered blogging I’d be in med school right now! But I got bitten by the blogging bug and I decided to go for a food engineering degree instead
4. I don’t like fruit at all (shocking I know) and I can only eat my smoothie bowls and fruit platters if I blend them first
5. Biking in the nature is one of my favourite things to do! I used to run a lot when I was younger but I was badly injured and now I can’t do it anymore which kills me
6. I don’t think I’ve ever finished an entire movie. I’ve got like the shortest attention span EVER, which is funny, because I can actually watch the same TV show for like 16 hours straight (GoT ahem GoT ) but yeah I don’t do movies.
7. One of my biggest wishes is to publish a book someday!! Not a cookbook (that’d be hella cool too) but a fiction one
8. I like make-up so so so much it’s not even funny!!! I don’t talk much about it on here buuuut I would love to do make up tuts one day (which isn’t likely to happen because I’m extremely awkward in front of a camera ) 9. Bunnies are my favourite animals! I currently have 3, all named after vegetables: Broccoli, Carrot & (cucurbita) Pepo ❤️
10. I’m the messiest person ever. 3 years living on my own and I still can’t clean. There, I said it. ✨ Tagging some of my pals to do this too I also tagged my outfit bc I think it’s hella bomb (not an ad just v cool clothes)
Hope I didn’t bore you too much u guys!!

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