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2 things: there is a new recipe on the blog ? Gluten-free Recipe

2 things: there is a new recipe on the blog ? Gluten-free matcha raw chocolate wnegy Bars ?? check it out! Second: Finally, here are the 10 facts about me. Thanks to everyone who tagged me ❤️ can you tell me one thing about you?
1️⃣I am madly in love with connecting with people and having interesting conversations. I prefer real life but I also have some mad people here on Instagram, who make my day so much better just by spreading some love or fun with their words.
2️⃣ I used to be a ballet dancer. And now I love all kind of fitness and sport and practice daily but I don’t show it :) 3️⃣ I love to see people happy. It is really what drives me. I don’t want to be remembered for the food I made or anybody pictures of me. I like when people like my pictures but that is not what this is about. It is about empowering, I want to encourage people to make the best of themselves by being inspired by me. I remember the Santa Clause challenge on Instagram, where we connected 50 friends all over the world. Shall we do it again?
4️⃣ I am allergic to all antiphlogistic medication short NSAR and I hate pills in general
5️⃣ I studied economics (boring) and then I worked for Google (best thing in my life). And then Vanillacrunnch got bigger and bigger and I left and started working for my business and blog. Last month I thought I need a change and started something new. Some have already seen it in the stories ;) 6️⃣I am a morning person
7️⃣ I love GOT (who doesn’t) but my favorite show is Stranger Things
8️⃣ I have big issues when it comes to please everybody. I know it’s never ever possible and yet I am still trying. I want to make it right for everyone and when it comes to Instagram I get anxious and I feel bad when I don’t have the time to interact and comment on my favorite accounts. But I know they understand ;) 9️⃣ I have a bubbly, creative mind AND phantasy, which sometimes is a challenge for people. I am a sapiosexual. ? Last but not least something really unexpected: I love chocolate. And yes A LOT! I eat chocolate every day (not just like one small piece), and yes I am still skinny :)

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