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? HiPPie LaNe ? … For some time now I have been Recipe

? HiPPie LaNe ?

For some time now I have been so head deep in trying to be superwoman behind the scenes of B+P, plus all of my other ambitious projects, mum life, house wife, all the rest of it and then if there’s time, friends, then me. I completely crashed and burnt out a couple weeks ago and I felt completely lost. I felt alone and I just felt disconnected. And at the same time I was connecting all of these women Australia wide. How ironic right? I’ve taken a step back, taking things at my own pace and realising im definitely not super human and my priorities are my health, family and friends.
Since becoming a mum I have well and truly put my love of food + food creation to the side. When I was exclusively a food blogger in the early days, I made some incredible connections with some amazing women. From all around the world. Here you can see a handful of them. Those that could make it. Others who couldn’t as we’re states + continents apart.
The woman you see beside me in white, that is Taline. A mother of two, an inspirational food creative, trend setter, founder of Hippie Lane the App and now author of Hippie Lane The Cook Book. This gorgeous lady has been my inspiration since I found my love of food and food creation in 2014. Thank you ✨ Friday evening with Taline’s closest friends and family, we gathered and celebrated the launch of #hippielanethecookbook ! I wouldn’t have missed this for the world and I’m so glad I was able to make it to Sydney to join in the celebrations with her.
The first accounts I ever followed and which I consider some of my foodie besties are @missmarzipancom @papaya_sunshine @daniellejacobs I was able to finally meet Marisa in person after 2.5 years! AmaZing! Gosh I love her! If only Marie + Danielle didn’t live so far! I also met some of my other foodie besties @the_smallseed_ + @wholesomedaily ? as well as making new friends which I also love to pieces @nourishmemum @healthyeating_jo @rainbownourishments @heidi.flora ? if only we could replay your relaunch again T ?? What a journey it has been for you. Keeping shining your light on the world beautiful lady ✨#thankyou #grateful #blessed #foodies #mums

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