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✨Service to others is rent you pay for room here on earth.? Recipe

✨Service to others is rent you pay for room here on earth.✨ –Muhammad Ali
I’m sitting down eating this meal right now and typing this message between bites. It’s hard to put into words how passionate I am about sharing the message of abundant fruit consumption for people living with any form of diabetes. The flavor explosion in my mouth is off the charts and I want others to experience the same amount of joy when eating healthy meals. Luckily, coaching others is what I get to do all day, every day. I shared an awesome testimonial in my Instagram / Snapchat story today. I hope you check it out and I hope you look into joining our program. It’s $29/month. No commitment, cancel anytime. Link in bio @mindfuldiabeticrobby. Tell your friends. Let’s eat some fruit and master diabetes together ☀️ #diabetes #fruit

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