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✨ FoReVeR MiNe ✨ … Times goes by too quickly. It wasn’t Recipe

✨ FoReVeR MiNe ✨

Times goes by too quickly. It wasn’t long ago that I wished and hoped for you. Played scenarios over in my mind about what you would look like, what you would be like, how it would feel to hold you, to kiss you, to snuggle you. How it would feel to teach you, guide you, love you. You every bit my missing piece. You’re even more magical than I imagined. As I write this to you, you’re cuddled on my chest, poking your finger in my mouth and suckling your dummy to sleep. I love you so much my little love. So much more than you could ever comprehend. Taking photos and cherishing these memories is so important to me, but being in the moment and truly living in making of the memories, is priceless ✨
My time on my personal social media has been very limited. As many of you know, over the past month I have been guided through a journey of healing and personal growth. So much has changed. I have learnt more about myself in this last month than in all my 31 years ✨an experience and enlightenment like this most people don’t encounter in their life time. I am forever grateful. This life time is a beauty
I hope you’re all doing beautifully wherever you are in the world Blessings and Big Love from us xx

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